"Making the unwanted (insects) desirable"

Unlocking the potential of edible insects

Love them or hate them, edible insects offer one of the best solutions to growing global problems. The looming food shortage, growing protein demand and environmental issues mean we must change the way we produce and consumer food. Naturally high in protein and requiring limited resources to grow, insects are a highly viable solution!

But the current reality is, the edible insects faces many barriers. Regulation, production scale-up and consumer demand are key obstacles for insects. How can we find new ways to grow demand? How can we transform the barriers for insects into new business opportunities? And make insects truly desirable...something consumers and industry really want?

This course is aimed at helping businesses, food industry individuals and entrepreneurs to harness the business potential of edible insects, while learning how to effectively sell new, sustainable foods and ingredients.


  • Food industry companies and individuals who want to explore and understand the opportunity of edible insects, and learn how to sell new sustainable foods and ingredients with insects as a case example.
  • Entrepreneurs and start-up companies who want to learn new approaches to overcome the current challenges to build successful insects businesses - while also learning new tools & techniques to effectively sell insects in food.
  • Research companies involved in developing the industry for edible insects
  • Anyone interested in edible insects as a solution to global health, sustainability and food production issues!


We believe in empowering others on their journey to create Better Business. That's why this course is not just educational, but includes hands-on activities to help you develop new skills and tools. From this course, you can expect to -

  • Validate the vast potential and business opportunity of edible insects
  • Gain new insights on the wider opportunity of insects, beyond only protein
  • Gain a deep understanding and insights into the current insects market
  • Understand the barriers insects face, and what's needed to overcome them to grow the insects industry
  • Get tools and outputs to help convince others of the opportunity potential of insects
  • Learn new tools and approaches to effectively sell new, sustainable foods and ingredients
  • Develop a new mindset and ways of thinking to create better business

BONUS MATERIALS: Edible Insects Market Analysis & Trend Reports

In addition to the online course experience, we've included 5 x Edible Insects Market Analysis and Trend reports. These comprehensive reports are designed to give you a deeper understanding and insights into the edible insects market, and help you validate their business potential.

What you'll get -

  • Edible Insects Industry Forces report
  • Edible Insects Market Forces report
  • Edible Insects Opportunities report
  • Key Trends Brief: The Protein Boom
  • Key Trends Brief: Green & Healthy


The strategic thinking and research behind this course represents a much higher cost, on an individual project level. But we're excitedto be able to share our insects knowledge with you, at an achievable price through this course.

Your Instructor

Johanna Tanhuanpää
Johanna Tanhuanpää

Here is our market intelligence analyst Johanna!

Want to make sure no rock is left unturned? Johanna is Invenire's most effective digger and sensemaker. She's an expert in translating deep and complex issues into easy-to-understand insights. With a strong passion for sustainability issues, Johanna works on both public and client projects at Invenire.

Especially enthusiastic about anything related to , , . And .


We first got involved in the opportunity of edible insects several years ago. We saw the huge potential insects hold to increase global sustainability, food availability and make food production better for people, planet and profit.

Since then, we've continually expanded our knowledge and activities to help grow the edible insects industry. Through market intelligence explorations, partnership projects, industry and ecosystem roadmapping initiatives, and public talks.

In fact, we've become experts on insects! Read more about our Edible Bugs journey so far..

We believe edible insects is a shared mission. We want to share our insights, learnings and strategic thinking to help businesses create success with edible insects. As CMO of the Future, this course is just one way we can help other to create Better Business.

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